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Peruvian Assistance Program

Since 1989, TAMBO TOURS, with the assistance of dentists, doctors, mission groups, and customers, have been silently involved in the assistance of the needy children of Peru. This personal crusade is aimed at the children who are homeless or from very poor families. In our efforts, we have donated thousands of toothpaste and toothbrush kits, shampoos, soaps, clothing, and medical items.

In 1998, Peru was affected by the phenomenon, El Nino. Hundreds of people died and thousands of lives were negatively changed. Following this disaster, TAMBO TOURS donated school supplies and money to the small town of Patacancha, which was in desperate need of these materials. Furthermore, in 2003, several groups from Canada and the United States were involved in the direct assistance of giving dental care and medical aid. Our efforts to assist those in need will continue for years to come.

In 1999, we began a new program called the Peruvian Assistance Program (P.A.P) that allows you to help! TAMBO TOURS will reduce the cost of each personís tour by $10.00 for those who have small items they would like to take to Peru, and give to those in need. We will not ask our customers for any money, nor will we take any donations for this project. We will solely rely on your honesty and your kindness. Items that are always needed include toothpaste and toothbrush kits, shampoos, soaps, clothing, and medical items.

From 2000 - 2005, we have semi-sponsored several church, dental, medical, and personal individuals who, on their own time, assisted those in need while they traveled around Peru. One such group whom has made a huge difference are our dentists from Canada whom have sent 10 teams to the Cuzco and Lima areas via TAMBO TOURS and have not only donated their time but as well hundreds of thousands of dollars of own monies to get to Peru and perform their help in aiding those in need of dental care. All this is done in conditions unlike most have ever experienced and is free. In 2005, our dental teams assisted over 4000 of the Peruvians of the Sacred Valley and Lima regions.For 2006 we have already confirmed several more groups to arrive and spread their generosity around Peru.

In all TAMBO TOURS, our dental & medical teams, mission groups and our customers have donated in the form of man hours, hygiene & school related items that easily exceeds $1,000,000 in aid to the less fortunate Peruvians since the conception of the P.A.P.

We expect that over the next few years, projects such as a library, school, and small medical center can be built. We also know that our contributions into other areas will continue to grow. All types of contributions are truly appreciated by these children and their families, and it does make a difference. We hope that our dream for others is fulfilled.

If you are an individual or group who is associated with any medical or nonprofit organization that is interested in P. A. P., please feel free to contact us. If you have any suggestions that can better this grass roots project, we ask you to advise and we will consider them.

Thank you...
Chris H. Bumann
Director of Opperations - TAMBO TOURS

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