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Lake Titicaca Tours

For thousands of years, the greatest civilizations have had many stories of their origin. Legend has it that the Sun placed his two children ( male and female) on the Island of Lake Titicaca, later named as Island of the Sun. They were to teach the barbaric people better living conditions on the earth. Manco Capac and his wife, Mama Ocllo (Huaca), are said to be the two children. Hence the Inca civilization had begun.

Located on and around the highest navigable lake in the world (12,580 ft.) are many areas of historical and archaeological interest. Though it would take several days to reach every one of these sights, we have tours to the most important locations.


Tour Name Days Price From
The Magical World of Lake Titicaca 3 $339
The Cultural World of Lake Titicaca 4 $399


Tour Name Days Price From
The Archaeological World of Lake Titicaca 1 $399
Catamaran Boat to Island of the Sun 2 $429
Hydrofoil Boat to Islands of Sun & Moon 2 $459
The Inca Trail and the Island of the Sun 2 $479
The Archaeological World of Lake Titicaca 4 $649
  • NOTE: All US travelers are required to have a visa($100.00)for entry into Bolivia. Applications available on request.

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