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Amazon Tours

Peru offers the largest diversity in wildlife than any other area of the Amazon. From the mighty Amazon River of the northern region of Iquitos and the fabled pink dolphins to the largest Macaw Clay lick in the Americas and the elusive Jaguar of Manu in the south. Peru’s Amazon is like no other!

Southern Amazon Tours
Puerto Maldonado

Amazon Lodge Experience

Located in the Southern region of Peru's Amazon is the Tambopata Condamo National Reserve. Here the University of UCLA has documented the largest diversity of bird life of the Amazon. These basic three or four day programs allow you to experience both day and night excursions in the area both by boat and hiking.

Tour Name Days Price From
Explorers Inn Lodge 3 $409
Explorers Inn Lodge 4 $509
Posada Amazonas Lodge 3 $439
Posada Amazonas Lodge 4 $629

Macaw Clay Lick

Located in the Tambopata Condamo National Reserve is one of the largest known ‘‘Collpas or Clay Licks'' in the world. Here as many as 15 species of parrots and macaws arrive early in the morning on a daily bases to lick the salts from the red clay cliffs. In this ecological paradise there is an estimated 1200 bird species, 200 species of mammals, 90 frog species, 1200 butterfly species and 10,000 species of higher plants that are protected in this 3.7 million-acre reserve.

If you want to see the wildlife then look no further. The camp site and * lodge are strategically located adjacent to the largest known Macaw Clay Lick in the world. Morning bird watching trips with night excursions searching for other varieties of wildlife.

Tour Name Days Price From
Wasai Lodge 4 $589
Wasai Lodge 5 $779
Tambopata Research Center and Posada Amazonas Lodge 4-7 $869

Manu Reserve

In 1973 the Peruvian government established one of the largest National Parks in the world, which includes nearly the entire drainage system of the Manu River and the adjacent eastern Andean slopes in southeast Peru. The Manu biosphere reserve covers nearly 4.5 million acre that contains well over 20,000 plant, 1000 bird species, 7 species of Macaws ( the largest known concentration) and over 13 species of monkeys have been recorded.

This region also lays claim to having many endangered species of an animal life such as the giant river otter, capibara, black caiman, tapir, jaguar and ocelot. There are also several primitive Indian tribes that continue to live with little or no contact from the outside world. In this region we are fortunate to offer services of several companies with that provide the best in service as well as knowledge for the specific area of interest. One of our operators owners, "Barry" is considered one of the leading expert orthinologist in this region. He has expert guides whom are from this area and as well he has resided in Peru over 20 years. Also known for her specific interest and research in the Manu region is Marianne. Arriving the region in 1996, her primate research & studies blossomed into a leading role in adventure trips into Manu and the surrounding area of the Pantiacolla Mountains. Whether you are in search of a specific bird, mammal or just want to learn more about this pristine area of the Amazon region, you will get your best opportunity with their staff.

Each of these representatives are the best that Peru has to offer into Manu's pristine reserve of the Amazon.

Tour Name Days Price From
Manu Cloud Forest 4 $709
Manu Wildlife Center 4-5 $1339
Manu Reserve Zone 5 $879
Manu Experience 5 $919
Manu Reserve Adventure 6 $1649
Manu Macaw Lick 7 $919
Manu Cultural Zone 7 $1049
Manu Macaw Lick 9 $879
Manu Complete Adventure 9 $2219

Northern Amazon Tours

Known as the "Gate Way City to the Amazon,” Iquitos, though isolated, is heavily influenced by the western ways of the city life. Just a short flight from Lima one can spend several nights in a comfortable jungle lodge, camp or even travel by air-conditioned cabin aboard a modern flotel.

Explorama Lodges

Located in Iquitos, the "EXPLORAMA LODGE SYSTEM" brings you the adventure, comfort, and over forty years of experience that will guarantee the best vacation for your time and money. With over seven different programs in the Amazon to choose from, look no further!

Tour Name Days Price From
Ceiba Tops 2 - 3 $279
Explorama Lodge 3 - 4 $389
Explornapo Lodge 4 $859
Explorama & Explornapo Lodge 5 $959
Explorama Lodge Combo 7 $1049


What better way to see the Amazon River than by a "AMAZON RIVER CRUISE" A genuine experience of the beauty and wonder of the Amazon in the modern comforts of a boat. Like no other place in the world, the upper Amazon basin has a great diversity of plant and animal life as well as indigenous people. Our cruises are the best means to explore all of the incredible aspects of life along the Amazon River.

Tour Name Days Price From
Continental Crossing Expedition 20 call

Program Includes :
Accomodations, all noted tours with english speaking guide,
transfers, most entry fees & meals where noted.
All hotels include Buffet breakfast.
( International or local air in Peru not Included unless otherwise noted.)

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