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Letter to our Customers.

TAMBO TOURS has been traveling and leading groups into Peru since 1988 and has offered trips to the general public since 1994.
All of our trips to . . .
Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Inca Trail, the Amazon, Lake Titicaca, Nazca, Chiclayo / Sipan, Trujillo / Chan Chan, Arequipa and Lima
are set as DAILY DEPARTURES. They are built and designed this way to suit the needs for your specific departure as well as amount of days you are able to travel.
( We also offer a fixed departure every Friday. )

As for our adventure trips, we are proud to announce that our Inca Trail trips of four and five days depart with a maximum of ten guests every Monday.
(Unlike others whom depart on the over crowded Sundays, allow up to fifteen per group. )
We also offer for the more adventuress guests into the Amazon, the Manu Biosphere Reserve. These special trips are operated by one of the leading orthenologist in South America, depart every Sunday from April - September.

So why choose TAMBO TOURS ?
Unlike many other tour operations all over the world in which the agents never experience the tours or adventure trips that they offer. I have personally been to Peru more than thirty-five times and have led groups on several different occasions to many of the destinations in my brochure. With my experience and appreciation for the history, culture and natural wonders of Peru, there is no better way of showing it than in my trips for groups as well as for the individual.

We are also proud to announce that our Cusco partner was the recent recipient in Madrid, Spain of the 24th INTERNATIONAL TOURISM AWARD FOR PERU. This annual award was given by the travel experts of the industry this past fall.
With our personal knowledge and extensive experience into the land of the Inca
there is no other choice ...
Best regards,

Chris H. Bumann
owner & manager

Congradulates our Cusco office for recieving
The 24th International Award for
This award is given out each year by the European & South American Travel Experts and was awarded in Madrid,Spain.
We are proud of their award as well as confident of their services they provide for all our guests that visit Peru.


Growing up in a small town of Andover, Illinois with corn & soybean fields surrounding my home town of 250 people, I only dreamed to imagine what my life laid before me in the future.

In February 1988, for my 24th birthday I set off to Peru on my first trip outside the United States not knowing at the time how that this one trip, whould change my life. It had always been a dream to visit the Amazon as well as the celestial archaeological site of Machu Picchu.

While going to Peru I found the people to be incredibly friendly. Similar that of back home in the Midwest.In Cusco, I felt the feeling of peaceful tranquility. Not that I could understand my feelings, but it was different. ( Keep in mind that during this time the terrorist group led by collage professor Abigail Guzman and the Sendero Luminosa were planning a new future for of Peru.) I was innocent of all this and probably for the best.

I only imagined how huge the site of Machu Picchu was until I got my first glimpse. When I returned from this trip, I swore to to myself and some new found friends (the Ormenos & Borbors) that I would return someday.

It wasn't until one year later on my 25th birthday that opportunity presented itself again. Once again, I proceeded back to Cusco to be pick up where I left off. After a week there I continued to the northern Amazon region of Iquitos.

Though this was only my second trip to Peru, it was the beginning of what would turn into be a yearly event. Each year the trips became more frequent as well as new destinations. I started taking friends to my new "home land" and even started to export some of the handicrafts from Peru. During my travels to Peru I would also take all the small soaps, shampoos from the hotels I stayed at as a airline employee. My local dentist in Houston and myself combined our efforts and donated tooth brushes & toothpaste as well as shoes, clothing and some small medical items. All these small gifts were distribute by a good friend Marco and myself to the children of the region. ( see P.A.P. )

Over the next few years I lead several small groups of freinds to join in my ventures to other areas throughout the peruvian countryside. We found the people different in features and customs but still very happy and freindly. What little they had they were more than willing to share. We as well always offered our new freinds small gifts from back home.

During this period I began to operate TAMBO TREASURES a company that would resale typical items from Peru and other Latin American countries. With part of the proceeds going towards the purchase of small items like tooth brushes / tooth paste, some chidrens clothing and other little items. I found it a very difficult market to manage with the fashion at the time being the Southwestern style. After about three years I put on the back burner for a while.

Late in 1993, one day after sitting around drinking a few Cusquenas in a friends pub (CROSS KEYS), another friend Gustavo and I were talking about how I could start TAMBO TOURS. I had another buddy Marco who is one of the best guides in Cusco that could run the popular trips. For the adventure trips of trekking we had Raul & Arelio and the rafting trips, Armando. All I needed now was someone to take it serious enough that it would work. We spoke to Raul & Arelio, and they were excited about my ideas, but cautious. (Remember the American market was nervous about any country that lay south of tourist trap Mexico. They offered me a some good prices for many trips and TAMBO TOURS became a reality. Though it did not happen overnight TAMBO TOURS is growing, but still maintains that small town personality like you find in Peru.

As the time went on I truly became part of Peru, not only by visiting, but spiritually and psychologically connected to this home away from home. I as well now have family in Cusco and in Quillabamba. My wife who I met in 1994, has tried to Americanize me but my true love is still Peru. As anyone who has found their special place and only they know how they feel. That is how I am about Peru. A picture can not show you and anyone can not explain that feeling when excitement is of only to return. In all my travels to many places in Latin America: Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and other countries, I have yet to quench that thirst that only Peru gives to me.

Over the course of the last twelve years I can recall many stories some I would like to forget others I sit back and laugh at the predicaments that I either have viewed or been apart of. One thing that I know ... even though I can not travel to Peru as often as I wish to now, Peru is still thought of every day of my life. I have a family and that is what Peru has given to me. I also have you to see what I see. And for you to feel what I feel. So, now in my trips that you consider to be apart of it is not only a tour to Peru, it is a experience a life time.

Listed below is a article that was published in December 1996
by . . .

Discover the Celestial World of Peru. . . where mountains, jungle, ocean, desert and some of the most amazing archaeology in the world, meet in one country. Here you can travel almost any direction and have a great vacation. Peru is covered with archaeological sites from north to south. The most popular sites are those in Cusco and Machu Picchu located deep in the Andean mountains. Just a mere one hour and ten minutes from Lima. The Incas invite you to see their lost civilization.

In Cusco and the surrounding area, there are palaces, temples and fortresses that people from all corners of the world have come to see. One such location is that of Sacsayhauman, which has baffled architects, scientists and mathematicians. The carved rock structure is so precisely pieced together that not even as advanced as we are today, can we duplicate the fine work.

But what truly is considered the jewel of all South America is the incredible archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Here the citadel, untouched by the tyrant Spanish Conquistador's, remained for hundreds of years only to be stumbled upon in 1911 by the explorer Hiram Bingham. Searching for the Lost City of the Inca and its fabled gold, Bingham was led to the site by a local Indian guide pointing out the terraces and temples that were submerged beneath dense jungle growth. Not exactly what he was looking for, but today Machu Picchu has become the focal point of tourism in Peru.

What makes Machu Picchu so amazing is that it is one of the few locations that appear just as it must have been when the civilization was in existence. There are many hypotheses that surround this archaeological wonder on where the Inca went and why did they leave the hidden citadel.

If your looking to take a route other than the traditional tourist train, a four day back packing trip on the Inca Trail leads you to Machu Picchu as well. Here you can see many smaller sites or tambos that the Inca built on their intricate road system through the Andes. This trip was my 30th birthday celebration and my favorite. I recommend this to those who need a little time away or like the fresh outdoors.

If the mountain life is not for you, the Amazon Jungle is just around the corner. With the largest concentration of endangered wildlife, the Manu Biosphere and Tambopata Candamo National Reserve offer you the chance of a life time to view nature as it really is.

For those looking for a quick trip, the Tambopata Jungle Lodge offers three to six day trips to get a look at the Amazon. If you are willing to "rough it," an eight-day adventure can take you into Manu, one of the largest protected rainforest regions of the world. Here the opportunity of viewing giant river otter, Capybara, black cayman, monkeys, macaws, toucans and maybe even the elusive jaguar can become a memory of a lifetime.

If you are a bird watcher, then a trip to the Tambopata Macaw Lick, where hundreds of macaws and parrots come to lick the minerals from the salty clay on a daily basis. The lick is the largest known in the world, where this phenomenon occurs.

Other areas in Peru to visit that are as exciting and historically important are Lake Titicaca and its floating reed islands, the Uros, famous for being the highest navigable lake in the world. Nazca, which was documented in the movie "Chariots of the Gods," has desert markings left by the lost civilization of the Nazca Indian. Here many believe these huge designs were used as ancient landing strips for peoples from another world.

In 1987, The most significant archaeological discovery for the Americas took place in Chiclayo just north of Lima. Similar to that of King Tut of Egypt, the Lord of Sipan, was uncovered and brought to life when it toured the world and brought new interest to Peru.

Any of these trips take only a few days and are just a short flight from Lima. I recommend that everyone visit Peru at least once, to see itís beauty that can be found almost at any point in the country. I have been to Peru more than thirty times, and I know that I will return many more times. Donít go just to say you have been there and done that, go to learn and I am sure you will go back.

Chris H. Bumann

Owner of

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